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<span class="blogcontent" ><div style="margin-bottom: 17px; " class="paragraph" > In an age of increasing globalisation and subsequent increased air travel, as well as low-cost airlines that encourage us only to take hand luggage on flights, it is easy to put less thought in what to pack and to instead focus on travelling ‘light'.</div><div style="margin-bottom: 17px; " class="paragraph" > It is, of course, sensible to take only the amount of clothes, shoes and toiletries with you that you need, however, time and consideration should be spent on what to pack that will afford you practical protection against minor mishaps and inconveniences. Make sure you don't avoid any pitfalls whilst travelling, by following this guide:</div><div style="margin-bottom: 17px; " class="paragraph" >1. Pack a first aid kit. This may seem like something you were taught at Brownies or Scouts, but, should you find yourself somewhere remote or even somewhere where there is a pharmacy language barrier, you may find yourself coming stuck, thus potentially turning a small ailment in to something worse.</div><div style="margin-bottom: 17px; " class="paragraph" >2. Buy a phrase book. The more arrogant English-speaking holidaymakers may forgo this, but it is worth a small bit of investment. Firstly, to please the locals at your destination, and also to simply give yourself an easier time of it. It is good manners to greet and thank people in their own language, and will likely make them more receptive to any help you might need, even if you carry on the conversation in English. It's also possible you may meet a non-English speaker in a moment of need, thus making a phrase book essential.</div><div style="margin-bottom: 17px; " class="paragraph" >3. Destination details. This may seem obvious, but it is worth making it the number one thing to put on your pre-holiday list. It may be simple, but could so easily be missed, and ruin your holiday. Ideally, keep a piece of paper with all the details of your flights (in addition to the tickets, which it might be sensible to keep in a different pocket or bag), and all addresses and home numbers of places where you'll be staying. This is often a requirement to show custom officials when entering a foreign country anyway.</div><div class="paragraph2" >4. Plug adapters. It's all very well packing your phone, hairdryer and handheld games console, however, if you can't charge them it will make packing them pointless. Buy an adapter that has all plug styles, making it a worthwhile investment for all future trips abroad.</div></span>

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