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Iratiko Oihana        

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Iratiko Oihana
(Jungle of Irati)

he forest of Irati is the second beech-abetal largest and best preserved of Europe, a huge green patch of about 17,000 hectares which is kept in almost virgin state. Located in the western Pyrenees of Navarre, the Jungle Irati is accessed from the beautiful people of Ochagavía or Orbaitzeta and is a natural treasure in which spaces are protected from Mendilatz and Tristuibartea and Reserve Comprehensive Lizardoia.

Sit in the heart of the forest, enjoying a
meeting alone with nature, get by stroking a silence broken only by the discurrir wild water between beech and spruce. Admire the clean streams Irati River, which becomes turquoise in the Irabia reservoir; hear the sound of elusive animals and walk on the soft grass cloak that covers the Jungle Irati. The smell of the forest is steeped in its skin.

Irati jungle
A nice place to have lunch.

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